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Heavy Duty Grill Scraper

Designed for tough jobs!

Model: #161 Heavy Duty

This restaurant quality heavy-duty grill scraper with the easy grip handle will reduce cleanup time and cut food and grease buildup that can ruin grill surfaces. Replacement blades are available.

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Heavy Duty with Squeegee Add-On

Designed for tough jobs and Easy Cleanup!

Model: #181 Heavy Duty with Squeegee

Our newest product, the Heavy Duty Scraper with a Squeegee Add-On is an all in one tool that makes every part of cleaning the grill a snap. This is the original handle with an FDA and EU Certified silicone squeegee attachment.

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Mini Grill Scraper

Designed for smaller, tighter areas.

Model: #173 Mini

The Mini Scraper is every bit as strong as the Heavy Duty Scraper, though can get into the smaller and tighter areas on the grill. Replacement blades are available.

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Redi-Gril Replacement Blades

Replacement Blades

Our blades also fit most of our competitors scrapers!

Model: #161-1 and #173-4

Replacement Blades for the Heavy-Duty ​& Mini Scrapers.

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The Future of Redi-Gril Grill Scrapers

Upcoming Products

See what is in store

Innovating the Future

While you didn’t even know what we were up to, we were busy making your life easier!

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