Heavy Duty Grill Scraper

Heavy Duty Grill Scraper with Squeegee Add-On

We are considered to be one of the best innovators in our field, and we’ve done it again! Please take a look at our newly patented Heavy Duty Grill Scraper with Squeegee #181. We designed the original over 40 years ago and this time we’re offering you a “2 in 1” product with guaranteed results.

There’s no need to question anything about the durability or productivity or, if we do say so ourselves, the darn good looks of the #181. We use FDA and EU certified silicone. On the off chance that the need arises, we offer replacement parts. What more could you ask for?


  • Newly patented
  • Designed for tough jobs
  • Flips over quickly to thoroughly clean hot grills.
  • Blades are easily replaced without tools.
  • Removes food and grease residue that can ruin or damage your grills.
  • FDA and EU Certified silicone
  • Cuts cleanup time in half!
  • Great for oiling your grill at start of day
  • ​Disposable and resharpenable blades are available.


Heavy Duty Grill Scraper Size Specs

Dimensions: Model #181

Width in (cm) Height in (cm) Length in (cm) Shipping Weight lb (kg) Shipping cu.ft.(cu.m.)
6.00 (15.24) 5.81 (14.76) 14.16 (35.72) 1.00 (.45) .40 (.01)

Ordering Information:

Model Description
161 Redi-Gril ® Scraper
161-1HD Redi-Gril ® Heavy Duty Replacement Blade