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Go To Standard for Every Grill

Every restaurant I worked in that did not have one of these had a grill that was increasingly difficult to clean at the end of the night, and never seemed to get all the way back to stainless!

Matthew VanMeter

The first Redi-Gril scraper

This is not your status-quo kind of testimonial. However, I do hope some of you will find it interesting. In the early to mid 1970’s I would visit my Dad after work to help him with various jobs he was working on in his home machine shop in north Seattle. I think it was around ’74 or ’75, he got a job to carve out of a block of aluminum, the very first Redi-Gril scraper. This was the scraper to be used for the very first promo photos. It was a bit rough looking compared to the later die-cast production models, but it was perfect for the advertising needs.
Dad was an extremely talented and skillful machinist and over a two week period I watched him use his milling machine to carve away the parts of the aluminum block which were not part of the scraper, like an artist creating a sculpture. I now wish I had one of those advertising photos. He used a sine-plate for achieving various angles to aid in the machining process, using trigonometry on on his brand new HP Scientific calculator. All of the settings on the mill were achieved by the use of various precision measuring instruments. The world of programmable CNC
machines was just a dream of the future.
I feel a bit of pride every time I see a Redi-Girl scraper in a restaurant knowing the part my Dad played in the development of this great all American product which is now approaching its 5th decade of existence. Whenever I see a Redi-Girl scraper at an establishment, I ask if they like it over other types they have tried. In every case the reply is that “it is the best one ever”.
I hope you have enjoyed my story and thanks for reading.

Bill Scott

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