Do You Still Have Some Olympic Spirit Left?

Now that the Olympics are behind us, all that competing… have you thought about entering a competitive grilling/barbecue competition? Not just the local fundraising chili cook-off, but the real deal. Where you get to swagger off with bragging rights and maybe a nice big prize. You think you’re pretty good standing at the grill, don’t you? Well, the season is upon us and it’s time to get ready!

You know the (very) old joke about “how do you get to Carnegie Hall?” The answer is “practice, practice, practice”. It’s the same for competition cooking. To get you started off right, we’re going to send you to the website of pitmaster Malcolm Reed. Malcom Reed. He’ll let you know the basics that he says will make your life a little easier. It’s a quick read and you don’t want to skip it.

If you ever watch any of the shows on Food Network, you might wonder how so many people claim to be grill masters and crow about all of the awards they’ve won. It doesn’t seem possible that they all won that many. Without ever having even met each other! When you start to look around for a competition for yourself, your head will practically fly off your body when you see the gazillions of competitions that are out there. From coast to coast.Redi-Gril Grill Scrapers - Red-Grll LLC - Flat Top Grill and Back Pain - Cooking

Take a look at BBQ Festivals for 2018. It’s organized by date and not by location, so you might want to zoom through it to find a time when you’re available. Hopefully you’ll find an event that you can get to at a time that’s good for you. At least enjoy the pictures on the site! National Barbecue News has its events by state and date. Orange Beach, Alabama, hosts the World Food Championships from November 7-11. There’s a prize purse of $300,000 and they seem to have categories for everything.

When you’ve clicked on all these links you might find yourself a little overwhelmed and might decide to start out on a smaller scale. Think local! There’s nothing wrong with that chili cook-off and hey, a win’s a win! Or you and some of your co-workers or neighbors can start your own competition. No one ever complained about eating great burgers or even judging them.

If you’d like a little more friendly help, take a look at these Grill Tips from the American Royal, the world’s biggest barbecue competition. It might even give you some ideas about what to name your team when you’re ready to jump in.

Whatever you cook, and wherever you cook it, don’t forget about the advantage that our top-notch, top-quality grill scraper will afford you. Our scrapers will keep your grill clean and well-maintained. You can get a mini one, or a heavy duty one, or a heavy duty one with a squeegee. Any of them will get the job done right, save you time and money, and take some pressure off your back, legs and feet.


If this is your first time visiting us, we’d like you to know that our products are made right here in the USA. This is something we’re over the moon proud of. We know that it helps to keep Americans working, and there’s no question that we help them keep on grilling. Either in a restaurant, or in a food truck, or right at home. Or at those competitions you’ll be entering. Good luck!

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