Happy Holidays to You!

Whether you’re standing at your grill or just kicking back, we wish you all a very happy holiday! Whichever holiday you celebrate, take some time to enjoy the lights and the music and don’t forget to count your blessings. We hope that this is a joyous season for you and yours.

And should you – still – be on the lookout for that special gift, is there someone in your life who doesn’t yet have a Redi-Gril scraper? It’s just a thought.

Stay warm and drive safely, and keep your eyes on the sky on the night of December 24th. You never know what you might see! (Hint: You might hear the bells first.)

Our best wishes to you from Mike and Margaret!

We are always thinking and innovating so please follow our Upcoming Products page for more and of course come to our website to view these products and everything we offer at Redi-Gril.com. If it doesn’t say Red-Gril it’s not the original! Cheers!

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