Even if you’re grilling for one, or if you are a cook that uses a commercial restaurant flat top grill, standing on your feet all day is no picnic. It’s lousy for your feet, your joints and your ligaments. There’s new research that suggests it may also increase risk for chronic disease.

One of the best things to help alleviate the back pain is to work smarter and more efficiently. Our grill scrapers speed the cleaning process, clean up time is cut in half! With our newly patented Heavy Duty Grill Scraper with Squeegee, the time savings is even better.

Of course, this work is still hard on your back. Look through this list of easy exercises and see how many of them you can fit into your working day. You’ll be doing yourself a big favor. *These are tips and not intended to be given as medical advice. For any serious injury or condition, please consult a medical professional.

  1. You can do this one while you’re actually cooking. Starting on your heels, put your weight onto the heels of your feet and then lift your toes into the air. This will help stretch all the muscles in your feet. After you’ve completed about 10-20 reps, do the same with your heel. Place your weight onto the balls of your feet, then lift your body up. This will benefit your circulation.
  2. Shrug the stress away in your shoulders and back. Raise your shoulders up towards your ears, and then let them go. Each time you raise your shoulders, move your shoulder blades around for extra relief. You can also roll your head back onto your neck. Hear it cracking?
  3. Keep your hips loose by swaying from side to side. You can pretend there’s a song in your head and you’re swaying to it. Keep a steady motion and just pull the muscles in your hips slightly to give a small stretch. Do about twenty reps and then move your hips in a circular motion, first, counter-clockwise and then do the same clockwise.
  4. If you can walk away from the grill for a few minutes, try doing some squats. If you’ve never done them before, go easy. A squat will tone all of your muscles, so work on getting the reps up.

Take good care of your feet. Wear the best shoes you can find. You might want to look into something with a “rocker bottom”. Then, at the end of the day, massage your feet. Lacing your fingers between your toes to spread the toes can help to promote blood flow and balance your foot muscles.

And remember that you want to keep moving. Standing all day is no better for your health than sitting all day. Mix it up when you can.

Please check back with us to read about healthy grilling and lots of things to make your life better!

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